Navigatus is a leader in risk management for maritime activities and navigational safety. Our team combines the practical knowledge from wide experience in maritime operations with deep expertise in risk management. With our innovative thinking and fresh perspective, we can help you achieve your short and long term business goals while improving operational performance and safety.

Benefits of our services:

  • Independence: Engaging our independent risk expertise assures key stakeholders, such as regulators and the wider community, that risks are being managed appropriately.
  • Communication: Our advice helps to improve the communication of risk and relationships between stakeholders and your organisation.
  • Expertise: Our specialist team will ensure your business, project and operational proposals are practical, sustainable and will gain the approvals needed to make progress.

Who we are:

The Navigatus team combines risk assessment expertise with hands-on maritime experience to develop a complete and accurate understanding of risk. Our advice enables regulators, port authorities and approving authorities to make complex decisions with confidence.

Our Projects:

Our services to clients include all aspects of marine risk management including operational, strategic and planning advice.