Risk Management in the Rail Sector

Navigatus is a leading provider of risk management services for rail operations and safety. We have successfully completed a range of prominent industry projects, such as one funded by NZTA in which we identified and prioritised safety risks across the entire New Zealand rail network. Our team has significant experience in safety management systems and cases across multiple transport sectors, which ensures our advisory services are fresh, relevant and based on industry best practice.

How we can help

We provide risk management services to clients in the mainline freight, passenger, metro passenger, tourist, heritage and industrial operations sectors.

Examples of the client services we provide include:

  • Identifying risks
  • Assessing risk management procedures
  • Field observations of operational practices
  • Advisory services on incident reporting and data management
  • Modelling safety performance
  • Benchmarking against safety performance in other jurisdictions
  • Reviewing co-regulatory standards
  • Assessing priorities
  • Recommending courses of action
  • Assessing regulatory requirements and levies
  • Developing safety cases and safety management systems

Rail operations inherently involve a degree of risk. We can advise what risk is acceptable, and when risk can lead to a competitive advantage. Our application of risk assessment and industry knowledge can assist rail operators, funders and regulators to seize opportunities with confidence by providing a complete and accurate understanding of risk within an organisation and its environment.

Benefits of our services

Engaging Navigatus – an independent party – will give stakeholders confidence that risks are prioritised and appropriately addressed. Our specialist knowledge and experience can ensure you gain project approvals and meet regulatory requirements. Your organisation will benefit from support at every stage of your project and operational decision making as we will guarantee every uncertainty, risk and opportunity is well-considered.



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