Risk Management in the Corporate Sector

Navigatus provides bespoke risk management, research, strategy, planning and assessment services to ensure corporate clients meet their strategic, operational and project objectives. Our staff have the expertise to deliver market leading risk-based solutions to support project management, facilitation and strategy development at an executive or senior management level.

How we can help

Our specialisation in risk management and significant project portfolio allows us to support complex business initiatives and developments, as well as day-to-day operations. We pride ourselves on providing fresh insights, on time and within budget, that clients can directly turn into action.

Client services we provide include:

  • Supporting business cases
  • Analysing risks and performing risk assessments
  • Developing risk and reporting frameworks
  • Developing or peer reviewing risk registers and profiles
  • Providing risk advice in support of strategy development
  • Supporting the management and prioritisation of organisation and project risks
  • Developing dynamic risk tools
  • Gaining resource consents and meeting regulatory requirements

Benefits of our services

Our dynamic risk management approach can provide much more than the assurance to stakeholders that risks are appropriately prioritised and managed. Our team can support every aspect of your business and operational decision making to ensure that every uncertainty, risk and opportunity is well-considered.

Engaging our experienced, independent team will help ensure your processes are innovative and up-to-date to achieve long term sustainability.

Navigatus’ core values are Integrity, Client Focus and Sustainability. Each value forms a vital part of our engagements. We make a point of understanding client objectives and delivering services that add real value and exceed expectations.



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