Risk management – the foundation for industrial health and safety

Recent prosecutions show that it is not enough to have a well documented health and safety system. Executives, boards and workers need assurance that the health and safety system is working in practice.

Navigatus helps clients to assure that their health and safety systems are managing risks to an appropriate level through rigorous evidence-based assessment.

The main benefits of this approach are:

  • benchmarking gives the organisation a clear understanding of risk management maturity
  • the process provides clarity, identifying actionable opportunities for improvement that will lift safety performance to the next level
  • applying a comprehensive approach ensures that every important aspect is evaluated

The Navigatus Difference

At Navigatus we bring a risk management lens to our health and safety services. That means that we attend to potentially catastrophic incidents as well as the more common incidents that typically draw attention through their quantity. Experience shows that is catastrophic incidents that profoundly affect organisations and personnel at all levels.

Our expertise in the sector

Navigatus is a frontrunner in the rigorous application of risk management principles and practices –  beyond the familiar 5×5 matrix. Our work follows the principles and guidelines set out in ISO 31000 Risk Management Framework.  Geraint Bermingham, was a member of the international expert committee that developed this highly regarded document.  Kevin Oldham is carrying on that work through OB007, the Australia-New Zealand risk management standards committee. Kevin helped WorkSafe to develop the SafePlus assessment system and has led numerous safety system assessments for industrial sites in New Zealand.

The most important incidents are often rare. Our staff of data scientists are experts at dealing with noisy data sets and are well-versed in identifying and distinguishing precursor events. This in-house expertise ensures our analysis of complex data sets is both sound and insightful.

Benefits of our services

Our team uses formal, proven methods to provide a structured approach to identifying and responding to risk. We provide assurance through objective assessment of your organisation’s level of safety performance and we provide actionable insights that enable performance to be lifted to the next level.