Navigatus are leading experts in the field of aviation risk management. Our team has significant operational knowledge and practical experience, having completed important aviation projects (see below) for regulators, airports and operators. We have advanced technical capabilities, push boundaries and continue to develop innovative, dynamic solutions for our clients.

How we can help

Aviation risk management is so much more than health and safety. Functions that Navigatus frequently supports include:

  • Operations
  • Strategy development
  • Fleet introduction
  • Implementation of new technology
  • Business cases
  • Regulations/consents
  • Stakeholder requirements

The employment of expert risk management services can improve the overall efficiency of an organisation. Our independence paired with our considerable sector knowledge and experience, enables us to identify fresh insights and opportunities that may otherwise go unrecognised.

Benefits of our services

The successful management of risk requires not only accurate identification, but also the proper assessment and prioritisation of mitigations.

There are countless risk management tools available. The use of tools not optimised for the aviation environment can at best lead to misleading results, but more often, unwise or even unsafe decisions. We have the knowledge to ensure your organisation applies the correct tools and methods to achieve optimal outcomes.

Engaging independent risk management experts with domain experience gives stakeholders assurance that risks are properly understood, profiled and managed, and actions are prioritised appropriately. Following proven methods also facilitates the effective communication and/or escalation of issues and key decisions as necessary.


Our experience in the aviation sector includes:

  • Developed national safety criteria for future national aviation system (CAA)
  • Developed an organisational risk management and reporting framework for Queenstown Airport Corporation
  • AIRCARE audit programme management and service provider (Aviation NZ)
  • Provided strategic risk management support to Pacific Aviation Safety Organisation (Civil Aviation Authority for PASO)
  • Risk assessment and safety oversight of major works and shortened runway operations (Auckland International Airport)

    Night Flight into Queenstown Airport.

    Exploring shortened runway operations.

  • Identified and assessed programme risks for fleet B777 and new product introduction (Air New Zealand)
  • Supported the development of advanced operations Operator Safety Case (Jetstar)



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