Risk Management in the Defence Sector

The majority of defence projects exceed budget, miss deadline or fail to achieve their objectives. Navigatus can ensure your next project succeeds. Between us, we have over 50 years’ commissioned service. Our technical expertise includes operations, engineering, planning and project management. These skills, combined with our experience in foresight and risk management within multi-stakeholder environments, enables us to support the successful completion of defence sector projects.

How we can help

Defence projects tend to be large scale undertakings that demand innovative solutions to deliver unique capabilities. Navigatus can develop a range of comprehensive risk management strategies and processes, such as the development and implementation of Safety Management Systems and Business Continuity Plans.

Our team can facilitate the cooperation and communication between stakeholders. Successful project outcomes require the funder to coordinate multiple, diverse work streams. Each stream draws on significant resources and involves a multitude of tasks undertaken by many workers, contractors, teams and organisations. This complexity carries the additional risk of cost overruns, capability undershoots and, ultimately, project failure.

Recent research in Australia found that the identification and management of risk on significant projects tends to be deficient. Common problems include:

  • Disagreement between principals and contractors on the allocation of resources required for risk management
  • Contractors accepting risks they cannot manage effectively alone
  • Key risks being identified after the contracts for project work have already been placed
  • Ineffective policies and procedures for managing risk
  • Insufficient time allocated to properly deal with risk identification and allocation of responsibilities at the beginning of a project
  • Lack of appropriately skilled and experienced resources to manage risk

Benefits of our services

Your project or organisation can benefit from our advanced analytical tools that gain the greatest insight from complex, sparse and incomplete data sets. Navigatus’ innovative methodology can achieve the seamless integration of complex project tasks.

Our analysis supports the development of risk management strategies and pathways that allow for the appropriate and timely allocation of resources. Such foresight enables the completion of critical project stages and successful project outcomes.

The employment of our risk management and defence sector expertise provides the additional benefit of giving stakeholders confidence that risks are properly understood, profiled and managed, to facilitate stakeholder support throughout the life of a project.


Our experience in the defence sector includes:

  • HMNZS Endeavour ME Turbo Risk, Devonport (2016)
    The OEM of the turbo chargers on the main engine of HMNZS Endeavour advised of a weakness in the original manufacturing methods and hence potential for catastrophic failure and risk to crew. Navigatus conducted an in-depth risk assessment which allowed the continued safe use of the turbochargers, subject to the implementation of a range of procedural and engineered mitigating measures. This gave Command confidence that the risk associated with the planned extension of service was acceptable.
  • Risk Management Training, RNZAF Whenuapai (2014)
    Navigatus designed and delivered a short course on Aviation Risk Management. Over two days a combination of traditional lectures, case studies and discussion gave the attendees a solid grounding in the fundamentals of risk management along with a range of tools tailored to the air force context.



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