Risk Management in the Government Sector

Navigatus specialises in the identification, assessment and management of risk in the multifarious government sector. Defining, communicating and debating the concept and actuality of risk in a multi-stakeholder environment is often challenging. It requires a sound understanding of not only the subject itself, but the nuanced perceptions and opinions held by stakeholders. Enabling agencies and departments to correctly understand all aspects of risk is our focus.

How we can help

Risk management can be a tool for developing policy, determining the optimum course of action and supporting the delivery of planned objectives. Business change, research, training and risk management systems are other functions that be improved in their effectiveness with independent risk management services.

Our staff have a broad range of complementary skills from varied professional backgrounds. This enables us to build the best team for the specific task at hand.

Client services we provide include:

  • Providing expert advice to help agencies identify and effectively manage risks
  • Supporting business change by providing authoritative risk management insights that can be a catalyst for change
  • Assisting better policy development and decision making based on a holistic view of risks and opportunities
  • Conducting leading edge research and development by our specialist team
  • Providing experts on a temporary basis to manage risks
  • Developing risk management systems/tools
  • Developing an overview of risks (risk assessment)
  • Facilitating workshops and engaging multiple stakeholders to draw valuable insights
  • Performing data analysis and modelling by developing and implementing big data and software solutions to help clients monitor and manage risks

Benefits of our services

Engaging Navigatus to assist your organisation has the benefit of cross-pollination of risk management ideas with those from other sectors, agencies and the commercial business environment. The expert advice of an independent party helps ensure all stakeholders have confidence that risks and opportunities are being prioritised and addressed appropriately. We collaborate with stakeholders to achieve successful outcomes for our clients.



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