Risk Management in the Health Sector

We understand the provision of healthcare is a critical and dynamic undertaking. Expert risk management is essential to optimise the overall service delivery by providing a framework for managing risks, threats and other challenging factors inherent to the sector. Such factors can include:

  • Multiple stakeholders and funding streams
  • Services that are inherently difficult to measure
  • Technical complexities
  • Short and long term demand uncertainties
  • Rapidly evolving practices
  • Complex human factors
  • Patient safety

How we can help

Navigatus has the professional expertise across government, SOEs and private enterprises to deliver successful risk management services to the health sector. Whether it be facilitating multidisciplinary risk workshops, or developing risk frameworks, processes, measures and reports – our team can support you.

Our client services typically involve framework and process development, specialist analysis, risk assessment, advising on risk treatment priorities, risk profiling and reporting risks to executives or senior management.

Our expertise in the sector

Navigatus is a frontrunner in the application of professional risk management principles and practices. Our work follows the principles and guidelines set out in ISO 31000.  The application of this standard is led by one of our directors, Geraint Bermingham, who was a member of the international expert committee that developed the highly regarded document.

Director Kevin Oldham is at the forefront of workplace risk management in New Zealand. He is a member of the WorkSafe NZ Safety Star Rating Scheme (SSRS) Expert Design Group – a group of experts with technical and practical knowledge of workplace health and safety implementation.

Principle Consultant, Stephen Hunt, has considerable senior management experience across central government and, more recently, leading commercial enterprises. As a result, he has an understanding of risk management and best practice in both large, complex government organisations and dynamic commercial entities.

Our staff includes those with specialist skills in areas such as statistical methodology and data analysis. This ensures our analysis of large and complex data is both sound and insightful.

Benefits of our services

Navigatus employees have the risk expertise and sector experience to help you to manage the uncertainties and opportunities present in your organisation’s dynamic environment. Our team utilises formal, proven methods to provide a structured approach to identifying and responding to risk. We can advise on the actions required to improve patient and client outcomes, and to achieve your overall project and operational objectives.



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