Navigatus designs and implements advanced expert risk analysis and modelling tools for clients. Our solutions are always highly customised, practical and dynamic. Depending on the situation, we may leverage analysis and information systems already in place, or develop new solutions, to enhance decision making processes for optimal operation and project outcomes.

How we can help

Our innovative analytical tools support an evidence based decision making process and the understanding of risk. Accurate analysis underpins robust negotiations, strengthens positioning, eliminates guesswork and empowers senior to strive for greater aspirational goals.

Advanced analytics can add substantial value to an organisation by providing an understanding of factors such as current performance and the mechanisms for controlling risk. This can lead to a competitive advantage in virtually every business function, including technical specialisations, health and safety, and business strategy.

Our solutions

Assessments and management: Navigatus has significant expertise in safety and risk analysis, assessment and management, in both complex and sector specific contexts. This equips us to work with your specialists to provide sound, informed and tailored analysis.

Solution oriented: Our analysis and modelling is solution oriented. It is directed towards practical, meaningful and actionable information that will add significant value to your organisation.

Reliable data: Whether working with big, weak or limited data, our expert analysis can enhance your reporting and decision making processes.

User focused: Our use of contemporary, immersive graphical reports and tools ensure you become rapidly familiar with your data to improve your knowledge and confidence.

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