Whatever your project or business change requirement, our risk management expertise can support your organisation to achieve successful project outcomes.

Navigatus’ independent advisory services will give your stakeholders confidence that risks and opportunities are being appropriately managed. Our independence and experience enables us a fresh perspective, leading to the development of innovative, sustainable solutions for clients.

Our approach to risk management is based on highly-regarded industry standards, such as ISO 31000:2009, the international standard for risk management, and ISO 31010, which covers risk analysis methodology.

How we can help

We strive to translate expert knowledge to practical and actionable advice that is developed to achieve your objectives. This advice can include:

  • Explaining and applying risk management standards
  • Explaining theory related to analysis and statistics
  • Developing practical safety management systems
  • Building dynamic risk assessment models
  • Reviewing and analysing the structure and content of risk registers
  • Advising on risk communication methods

We often save clients considerable time and expense by providing sound advice early on in a decision making process. This is particularly apparent during the development of risk frameworks and processes, or the exposure to risk and uncertainty.

Benefits of our services

  • Building management and stakeholder confidence
  • Enabling sound risk based decisions
  • Developing effective risk frameworks and methods

Get in touch

To find out how your organisation specifically might benefit from our expert advice, please give us a call.