Navigatus consultancy offers bespoke research, policy and development services that empower organisations to plan for the future. We have significant research and policy experience across government, SOEs and commercial organisations. Our staff have expertise across a range of functions, including risk analysis, project management, data analysis, research, business cases and report writing.

How we can help

Expert risk based research can provide your organisation with invaluable insight into the market, regulations, best practice, internal and external risks, stakeholders and opportunities. A sound understanding of the environment in which your organisation operates will give stakeholders confidence in your decision making and enable you to achieve your long and short term goals.

Navigatus undertakes research (for clients such as the Ministry for the Environment and New Zealand Transport Agency) and operational risk management projects. Our specialist skills and experience spanning multiple sectors, means we can support a variety of complex projects and operational demands.

Our values

Our core values are Integrity, Client Focus and Sustainability: each value forms a vital part of our engagements, giving clients confidence that our advice will be meaningful and correct. We make a point of understanding client objectives, ensuring our services meet or exceed expectations, and we pride ourselves on delivering fresh insights that clients can directly turn into action.

Get in touch

Please give us a call to discuss how our research services could support your operational or project needs.