As New Zealand prepares to ease the lockdown, enterprises operating under COVID-19 Alert Level 3 need to work out how to do so safely. The core objective of Level 3 is to:

  • enable more enterprises to resume, while
  • protecting the health and safety of workers, and
  • protecting the wider population from transmission and spread of the virus.

We have developed a 15 point COVID-19 checklist, providing commentary and links to some resources to aid organisations to check if their plans and practices are robust.

Some of the questions include:

  • Do we have adequate sanitation plans?
  • Do workers know how to use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?
  • Are our control measures increasing other forms of safety risk?
  • Am I keeping my staff in small and consistent groups?
  • How are we avoiding mingling at arrival/departure and breaks?

Please click here to view a PDF of the full checklist and let us know if there are questions we should be asking ourselves which aren’t included on the list – post comments below or contact Kevin Oldham directly.

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