As Roxburgh cleans up from the flash flooding, kayakers are playing in the new rapids formed in the Clutha River.

The rapids were likely formed by rocks and debris dumped into the river during Sunday’s flash flooding. As such the rapids may be relatively short lived.

Whether they last for long or just a short time, this shows how rivers can change quickly. And it’s not just rivers that can change rapidly. In marine areas shoals can come and go depending on factors such as the strength and direction of recent storms.  Also river and weather conditions can change quickly.

Local Conditions

So it’s vital to be prepared and to know the local conditions. If you’re unfamiliar with the area there are two main ways to find.

The first is charts and written guides. That’s why the Safer Boating Guide recommends that boaties always carry a chart and boating guides for the local area.

The second is local knowledge. A great way to do this is to area ask around. New Zealand boaties and water users are generally only too pleased to help.

Whether you are shooting new rapids, or heading to your favourite fishing spot, have a great and safe time out there this summer !